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Emily Lovering and Laney Harder

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Sisters, who have had a love for horses since before they could talk, bring both knowledge and experience with a combined 15 years of 4-H, as members and leaders, and participating in clinics focusing on English and Western disciplines and a strong desire to share the world of horses with everyone.

They understand first hand how important a horse can be in someone’s life and what they can do for us. Having received full certification as a CAATP, Certified Animal Assisted Therapy Professional and Animal Assisted Activities, Emily continues to study and research different areas of human and horse connections and how to assist in people’s individual journeys.

Emily and Laney are pursuing their certification of Professional Riding. Laney has completed 3 years of study in the field of social sciences, focusing on Child and Environmental Psychology. She continues to focus on furthering her knowledge and understanding of the complexity and simplicity of the human animal bond.

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