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It's a beautiful rainy day

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Good morning from Dustyridge Equine Centre! My plan is to share our days and experiences on this blog and I am hoping to add content a few days a week. Hope you enjoy the glimpse into our every day life. It's not always glamourous but it is fulfilling and entertaining!

So today we were planning on being open to the public for wagon rides, pony rides and the petting zoo. The good Lord sent us a beautiful rain and for that we are thankful and we adjusted our plans. We will be closed today to let the parking area and the outside pens dry up. Changing plans and readjusting our days is pretty normal. So today, instead of having people enjoy our critters and the facility, we will be working in the barns and making sure all the horses and critters are relaxed and fed.

We had a new addition last week, little Jimmy Dickens, a miniature donkey. He is super sweet and does not fit into the category of a stubborn donkey! He came with some rough skin and fly bites, so we are taking care of those for him and he is a pleasure to work with. Pictures will be posted later today. I'm heading out to check on a few things. Have a good day everyone!

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