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A Note from a Teacher

Mandy Friesen Says...

As a Student Services Teacher, we are always looking for ways to support, challenge, and grow our students. Dustyridge Equine Program has provided us with an invaluable service to accomplish these goals.

Cheryl and Emily are truly invested in the students they work with, and in that time they spend together, they discover who the kids really are. This passion has allowed them to work specifically on areas that are the most challenging. They displayed nothing but pure grace, patience and care as they provided an unforgettable experience for the students.

Often, as the kids would return to school from their session, they would come running in, so eager to share what they had done. They shared even the most difficult parts and the obstacles they overcome. They were so confident in Cheryl and emily; that they were never afraid to try. I can't thank Dustyridge enough for their program. It's priceless experience that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in.

Mandy Friesen

Northlands Parkway Collegiate

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