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A Letter from a Student


"My name is Taylor. I am 11 years old and I have been riding at Dustyridge for 1 year. Last year in July, I went to horse camp and in September me and my sisters started riding lessons every Monday. After every lesson I couldn't wait till the next Monday to go riding again. Then in May we started to go on Fridays.

My favourite horse to ride is Flint, also my favourite colour of horse is either a buckskin or a chestnut. Peaches and Lloyd are also some of my favourite horses. Dustyridge not only has horses but also has cows, chickens, goats, bunnies, cats, and dogs. My favourite dog is Scooter, my favourite cat is Samson ad my favourite cow is Samantha. Almost every animal has a name at Dustyridge. i always have lots of fun at Dustyridge.

Emily is a great teacher, Laney and karlee are too. I love riding at Dustyridge. During lessons we go on trail rides and do patterns in the indoor and outdoor arenas. I always have a great time at Dustyridge. I really enjoy riding horses. Going to Dustyridge is always a highlight of my week. We have to brush the horses before and after we ride, to brush a horse you have to follow the hair lines. The horses make me very happy. Dustyridge is one of my favourite places, because it is a fun, enjoyable, happy environment. i love being at Dstyridge! I can't wait for horse camp this year!"


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