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Our Horsemanship Philosophy

Horses are influential teaching tools that immediately respond to what someone is thinking or doing. They are able to decipher our body language and they feel the differences in our energy. By understanding the horse world, we can gain a better sense of self awareness, alter our own behaviour and become better communicators with those around us.

At Dustyridge Equine Centre our goal is not only to develop life skills with horses but also give people the opportunity to experience peace and tranquility in a natural environment. Having been born and raised in the family farm system, we didn’t realize how fortunate we were to be surrounded by animals, especially horses, and we took the lifestyle for granted. We now realize how much we can learn from horses and we want to be able to give others that opportunity as well.

Horses cast no judgement. Your clothing brands, your shoes and the style of your hair carry no merit. The horse will see right through your shell and respond to what you are feeling inside. Each one of us has a set of tools that we carry within ourselves and after acquiring the skills necessary to utilize these tools, they can help us navigate through life. Horses play a huge part in this process.

We are excited for you to join us at Dustyridge Equine Centre!

Cheryl Harder

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